Tachs, Speedos, and more!

RC Tach Shop has 30+ years of experience at restoring GM tachometers and gauges. We can help you with your tachometer/gauge restoration! We build the most accurate and reliable Pontiac / Buick / AMC Hood Tachometers on the market.

  • We repair many types of GM tachometers.
  • Specialize in GTO hood tach and gauge restoration.
  • Any gauge or tach on GTOs, we do as well as many others!

Our restoration not only focuses on the physical appearance of the dials but also we repair the gauges and tachs and check calibration! We can make them look like they just came off the show room floor

See our pricing below! THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Tach reproduction pricing

Type Description Price
Hood Tachs - Any Year $220
HEI Tach Circuit Board Tachometer Circuit Board for HEI $45
STD Tach Circuit Board Tachometer Circuit Board for std points $40
Original tach repair kit Original Hood Tach Repair Kit - consists of Bezel in front of glass, face, Movement, circuit board, glass, harnesses $150
1969-1972 GTO gauges restored restored to like new - Call for availability $500
1964 Inst cluster with tach Restored to like new - Call for availability $650
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